Daddy says the darndest things

Okay, so yesterday while I was writing about the funny things my kids say, I was thinking about all the crazy things my husband has said to them. Mostly joking, sometimes inappropriate, he comes up with the craziest things! Here's just a few things I've caught him saying that had milk shooting out of my nose:

1. "I just asked you to clean up your playroom....it's not like I'm asking you to shoot a puppy!"

2. "If you don't knock it off, I'm gonna kill Santa." (LOL, seriously?)

3. "If you're not smart enough to NOT eat the paint, then you're not smart enough to use the paint."

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things? What's the craziest thing you've caught yourself saying to your kids?

And just for good measure....

Because he really is a pretty great dad...


Jana said...

HA! around here I say "your mom" a lot. It all falls back on me and my hubby says "oooo burn" and we think we are seriously funny. Thanks for the giggle!

Paloma said...

You made me laugh so much with this post! I still haven't said anything too crazy to my girl LOL!!! (Or maybe I have and I don't remember now....) she is 17 mo. and life is certainly not dull here either!

I loved your "About Me" .... and I look forward to reading more of your blog!!

Thanks for stopping by The Coffee Shop hopefully you will still participate on "Coffee Fridays" You don't need to drink coffee.... just take a picture of someone else's cups! LOL!


Lourie said...

I have actually said to my middle and youngest children that they can never play together again! Seriously they fight more than they play. Okay...it's not that bad, but man there are days when it seems, that is all they do. haha.

Jennifer said...

LOL... love the "not smart enough to use the paint then"! That is great!! :)


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