Kids say the darndest things...

Another installment of 'Kids Say the Darndest Things' and the last bullet point I wanted to cover here. First, let me remind you how cute my kids are:

I actually think they were a few I wanted to remember, but didn't. I need to start writing them down as soon as they happen, but these are the ones fresh in my mind:

1. Last week, I was helping the Dude go potty. I thought he needed to go #2, but he did not. Finally, he got off and I was pulling his pants up, he said "Mommy, I think I just need to toot." and he proceeded to tooting away. I said 'Buddy, are you sure you don't have to go poop?' To which he replied "Nope, I'm just nasty." !!! That's what we say to daddy when he rudely interrupts us with his gastric musical interpretations. Like father, like son.

2. My kids call people 'Silly Goose Pigs'. I'm not sure why, but it's spread like wild fire. While I was at Gulf Coast Getaway, I received this text message from my dear friend Sarah who was selflessly watching my kids for the weekend: "So, Faith just called me a silly goose pig, and I totally thought she called me a silly douche bag!" I have accidentally taught my kids things I'm not proud of, but I don't think that is one of them!

3. This one is hilarious but hard to describe in writing: I'll do my best. Last week at the end of the school day, I had one of the girls come up to me to angrily tell me "Miss Veronica, Faith keeps spitting in my face!" Obviously appalled, cause my kids would never do something like that, I marched right over to her and started accusing her. "Who on earth would you spit in someone's face?" Well, Faith got just as angry back and declared "I was NOT spitting in her face, I was just trying to show her THIS: (this is the part I would love to demonstrate for you, cause I can't really describe it, but Faith proceeded to beat box). If you need the background to this, we've recently released our Praise team CD from church, with is Acappella, so there is some vocal percussion. The hubs also travels in a group, DeeperStill, an Acappella group with vocal percussion. Faith is a big fan. And since the release of our new CD, she has been practicing along! The funniest part was listening to her beat box with an angry face in hopes to describe what she was doing was clearly not spitting! I will have to get her on tape ASAP.

4. I love the mispronunciation of words by toddlers. My current favorites are Caleb's recent discovery of his "Niffles" and Faith's wiping her "prilates" - about the only way to make those two words cute!

My fabulously inappropriate children - You. Are. Welcome.


mom2three said...

Hi, cute plog and fabulous post! Your kids sound adorable and its true they do say the darndest things!
Happy SITS saturday!!!

Lourie said...

Kids are sooo funny. I love the things they come up with. Yours are too cute. You did a great job describing the "spitting" incident. Haha. I could totally picture it.

Pam said...

Your kids are adorable. You really should write down all the adorable things they say. Believe, when they grow up, you won't remember most of them.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Wym said...

Cute blog. Your kids must love being in such a musical family. I wish I could beatbox. Im teaching mine to play trombone. Happy Sat from SITS!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Aww, they're definitely cute. Especially the musical example :D

Amanda said...

This makes me want to have children even more. I just LOVE what kids come up with. My nice and nephew say crazy things and I'm like...where would you even GET that? There are lots of things that make me smile when I am reading people's blogs, but the story about your son tooting really made me laugh out loud. Priceless! Thanks for visiting my blog, btw, love yours :)

Crystal said...

I love all the things my kids say and often think I could devote a blog to that alone : ) Thanks for the cute stories you made me laugh. Thanks also for stopping by my blog. God Bless you~


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