Scrapbook room finished!!!

My scrapbook room is finally complete!!!!

When we moved into our house, I instantly claimed this space as my future 'scrapbook space'....it's small, but cozy and just right for me to keep all my things in an inspiring place that's all mine. This is what the room looked like before:
Last week, we started putting drywall up...just on the ceiling and unfinished wall, we left the concrete walls exposed so I didn't lose too much space in the room (it really is tiny already). Jeremy did an amazing job re-wiring the room so I actually had working outlets in there, put some pots lights in to brighten it up, and helped me mud and tape. But I would like to toot my own horn for a second, because I did a lot of mudding, sanding, and ALL the painting myself! This is how it turned out:YAY! I love it! The color of the wall is called 'Sparkler' and is just bright and fun, not a color I would ever pick inside my home (I am nuetral tones kinda girl, but I wanted something different). Once I get this room completely finished, it will have an inspiration wall, and of course, lots of beautiful photos to display. The room already have shelf racks screwed into the concrete that I didn't want to bother with, so Jeremy picked up the perfect brackets and white shelves to match! Just the extra storage I was looking for! Now...the walls are concrete, none of the desks match, nothing is fancy, but I love it!!! I'm so excited to get some scrapbooking done!! Yesterday, in anticipation of using my new room, I caught up on my digital photos and ordered a bunch that I want to scrapbook from Snapfish.com (love that place!)

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Sassenachs in Scotland said...

Wooohooo! So jealous. It will be so nice to have your own spot that doesn't necessarily have to be cleaned up after each time you scrapbook. I love scrapbooking but I hate having to take everything out, organize it and then clean up when I'm done. Have fun :)


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