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For those that read my last blog, you know last week kept me busy. This week has been no different. It amazes me that even when I'm not working much, I still can't find enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to do! But I go through spurts, usually season-related, where I'm a lump and get nothing done, and times when I'm a productivity machine!

This week marks our first official 'big project' in our house. We're re-modeling my scrapbook room (Before and After pictures to come...once we get the After done!) We decided it was a good place to start because it's a small room, it wasn't going to cost much to fix it up, and it'd be good practice for when we finish the rest of the basement. Jeremy amazes me...he basically learned electrical stuff this week, re-wired the whole room, put drywall up on the ceiling and wall, installed potlights and gave me a working outlet...what a guy! Hopefully, it will get painted and put back together by next week...I can't wait!

In anticipation for my new room, I've been writing down ideas for what I wanted to do with it, color schemes, etc....I decided I wanted a bright and cheerful room with lots of light that inspires my creativity. So, in honor of doing first-time projects, I decided to one of my own....re-upholster and refinish a chair. I found this great chair at Salvation Army yesterday, but it was a little beat up:

It actually ended up being a fairly easy project. I used Jeremy's sander to sand down the shiny finish....

Spray painted it white, found a great fun fabric to brighten it up, and VWALA! A beautiful new chair for my scrapbook room!!!

Chair: $6.99 @ Salvation Army
Fabric: $6.00 @ Joann's
Spray paint: $2.00 (x2 - I used two cans) @ Home Depot
TOTAL COST: $16.99!!!

Now, off to getting the house put together, laundry, oil change, and packing to go to Canada for the weekend for the Great Lakes Youth Rally and see family! =]

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Tamara said...

Very cute and crafty!! I'm in need of some inspiration. (:


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