Faith has just been cracking me up the last few weeks, with all the silly things she says. Not just mistakes (which are so funny) but the way she phrases things, and the look on her face....I swear, she thinks she's 15 years old. They might not be as funny in words, without seeing the whole package that is 'Faith' but I had to write them down to remember...

Faith has been singing a lot of worship songs lately, which is super cute. Even cuter is that her favorite to sing is 'Mighty to Save'....and Faith, instead of singing 'He rose and conquered the grave', sings HONQUERED the grave, and sings it over and over at the top of her lungs! =]

Lately, when Faith wants a drink, she now says 'Mama, I think my tummy is trying to get thirsty.' =]

Last week, we were wasting time in Target waiting for Jeremy to meet us for lunch, and they were playing 'Spiderman 3' in the electronics section...a scene where Spiderman is saving a girl who had just fallen off a building. Faith was very concern about this girl, and talked about it all through lunch. About what she was doing, her family, what she eats, where she lives.....Now, we pray for her every night. =]

This evening, Jeremy was drinking a can of pepsi on the couch, and Faith instantly instructed 'Daddy, we don't drink on Mommy's new couch!' To which I replied, 'Well, I really just don't want kids eating or drinking on my new couches.' Faith yelled 'Or Jeremy's!' =]

I'm sure there are many more to come...love my 3 year old!

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Kara Graves said...

haha, love that girl and reading all about her funny moments!


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