Great Lakes Rally

We packed up the family and headed to Beamsville, Ontario for the weekend. The trip was for two reasons: Jeremy was performing with DeeperStill @ the Great Lakes Youth Rally, and Jer's parents happen to live on campus and we haven't been to the house in almost a year! (That's sad to say) So, we were especially excited to visit, and had a great weekend.

I'd like to first say that the worship over the weekend was incredible. DeeperStill did a great job (as they always do) at leading and put on an amazing concert! This has always been one of our favorite rallies, and we were glad to come back and be a part of it this year. I'm so proud of the guys in the group and how much they've grown since the last time they did this show...and I totally missed hanging out with them all, since we all live in different states and I never get to see them anymore! Jeremy and I, and Jon and Holly Knutson stayed behind to lead Sunday evening worship @ the Beamsville Church of Christ, which was uplifting as well. They were a very enthusiastic congregation who were so welcome and friendly.

We stayed an extra day (Monday) so that we could visit with Jeremy's mom, his sister Bethany, and her two kids. We really wished we lived closer and could see the family more often, especially since Jer's dad got stuck on a job and wasn't able to make it home for the weekend, and his sister Melanie was still up in Sault Ste. Marie helping his other sister, April with her new baby Brennen, and her two other boys.

Needless to say, we had a good time. But for some reason, I'm exhausted (Actually I know the reason - I have two toddlers!) and am glad to be home and start getting my house back together. I will leave you with some photos of our weekend:

Scott, Chris, and Lara & David chillin' before sound check.

Dan chasing after Caleb in the gym! The kids never stopped running around!

Dan and me. I really wish Dan lived closer, I miss this guy!

I managed to talk Jeremy into taking one picture with me...
wish it had turned out better. Oh well.

Trying to get the kids still to take pictures at Nana's house.
This one makes me smile

Faith and her cousin, Mason. She was lovin' on him all weekend!

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