The List Revised

Last year, I did a post about my list. I had such a great response from it (cause let's be honest, who doesn't look drooling over yummy celebrities?) that I wanted to check back in with my revised list.

My list has changed. I knew it would, it usually does. However, check back to my other list because those guys are still in the running for sure. Here's some updated list worthy celebs:

1. Gerard Butler

I am utterly embarrassed that I forgot to mention him on my last list, because Gerard has quickly become my #1 over the last year. I don't know what it is: The sexy accent? The 5 o'clock shadow (which I love on almost any man)? The abs? Okay, so maybe I do know! The verdict is still out on whether or not I think he'd be a good guy in real life, but if I ever met him in real life, that probably wouldn't be my concern while I was chasing him down the street! YUM.

2. Brian McKnight

Call me crazy, but this crush goes back to middle school. I have always had a thing for Brian McKnight. Do I think he's sexy? Absolutely. I have been known to stare at this album cover for hours undisclosed amounts of time. But it's his voice that I'm really in love with. If he sang one note in my presence, I'm pretty sure I would melt to the floor on the spot. Anybody with me?

3. Hugh Jackman

I've always thought Hugh Jackman was cute. But what really jolted him into a list worthy position was when I recently watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine. LOVED that movie, and loved him in it even more. Love his talent. And the fact that he's been nominated for sexiest man alive helps too. It means I'm not crazy. And there is nothing sexier in the world than a man who loves his family.

4. Justin Timberlake

Gotta give a shout out to my boy band favorite since day 1- Justin Timberlake. Thankfully, he's not like most teeny bopper crushes, when you look back and think, "Why on earth did I have such a thing for that guy?" Not Justin, he gets better with age. Another man that could make me melt with his voice (and I have separate list for voices alone), he has a great sense of style and an even better sense of humor. And have you seen him dance? I can't stop looking once he starts. Definitely a keeper.

5. Chris Evans

This is my wild card selection. He's new, he's young, he's got all the right stuff. I actually fell in love with him after catching him in 'The Nanny Diaries' one late night when nothing else was on. And given my love for action films, I definitely loved him in 'The Fantastic Four'. My favorite line from one of the celebrity lists I found him on: "If he's hot enough to play the Human Torch, he's hot enough for us." I concur!

Well, I think that sums it up for now. Am I missing anyone? I'd like to know who you think should be on the list - I haven't laminated it yet!


Losing Brownies said...

Doh, all of your pictures are broken. It's a good thing I know what those guys look like though!

*Nikki* said...

list looks good to me!

Katie said...

Funny, my husband and I were just talking about our "lists"! His seems to stay pretty constant, but mine changes from time to time, depending on who's been caught having affairs and such :)

Amanda said...

JASON MRAZ!! :) Not only is he hot, but he stands up for so many issues that affect every living thing. :)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I love Gerard Butler! I have been in love with him since Phantom of the Opera! He is so talented & super sexy! Hugh Jackman is a fav too!

Not I'm going to check out your old list-yay for eye candy!

Elizabeth @ Miss Wisabus said...

We have very similar tastes ;)

(stopping by from SITS!)

Colleen said...

Every list needs Johnny Depp!

trininista said...

Totally love your list. I concur

Lourie said...

Oh! Yes...Johnny Depp! *swoon* And Josh Holloway from LOST. *drool* Hahaha. I know there are more...hahaha. Great list. Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler!!! Wooo!

alison said...

you had me at "gerard". ;) i would add hugh laurie on MY list....but only him as "dr house". apparently i am a sucker for sarcasm and a limp!


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