Toddler Translator - 3rd Edition

My kids are known for their hilarious stories and ridiculous pronunciations. They're my favorite. So, if you're ever around my children and wonder what they're talking about, let me break it down for you:

"Infective" - Infected
     Faith told me if I chewed my nails, my fingers would get 'infective'!

"Expendo" - Extendo
     Not that either are words, but Caleb asked me if I had 'Expendo' arms to reach the steering wheel when I drive! LOL

"Rainvo" - Rainbow
"Festible" - Festival
"Carnible" - Carnival
"Octover" - October
"Cuvy" - Cubby
      It seems we have issue swapping our b's and v's...

"Bapsized" - Baptized
"Banilla" - Vanilla
     Caleb always asks for a 'Banilla Bar' for snack.

"Mushstash" - Mustache
     I can't make fun of my kids too much for this one, cause I do it once in awhile too! LOL

"Formia" - Formula
"Cups of Cheeno" - Cappuccino
     Faith has a baby My Little Pony who drinks pretend 'Cups of Cheeno' out of her bottle because she's allergic to baby 'formia'!

"Brathe" - Brave
     Faith watched me get my finger poked for an hemoglobin test with a very concerned look on her face (she is severely afraid of needles). When I told her not to worry, she asked "Are you brathe mommy?"

I never correct them when they mispronounce these things, and I usually repeat it back exactly the way they say it to me (it usually corrects itself over time, and it's just too much fun!). I wonder at what age these mispronunciations stop being cute and start becoming worrisome...


alison said...

we have had a BLAST with my son and his way of saying things....we routinely make him repeat the word "pepper" at dinnertime a million times so that we can giggle because it's so stinkin' funny-cute the way he says it. my daughter has always been really articulate, even as a toddler, so she wasn't much fun in that area. i think my personal fave from your list is the "cup of cheeno". ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the way kids say things. So cute. Let it go for as long as you can because they already grow up too fast as it is ha ha :-)

Minivan Mommy said...

I LOVE when my kids mispronounce! I don't correct them either. It's too cute and doesn't last long enough!

My kids call o.j. "lellow juice" and I've never told them it's actually orange!

Lourie said...

I never correct my kids either, unless it is something like "tooken" as opposed to "taken." And then I simply repeat the sentence they just said with the word corrected. My son will still call a restaurant "An Eat Store!" Sometimes he will say, "I want to go to the 'chicken nuggets.'" He calls his big sister Gistin. (Her name is Kristin.) No correction there either. It will come. Plus it is fun!

Losing Brownies said...

I love listening to toddler speak! :o)

Karen Peterson said...

Well, whatever age you have to start worrying, it's definitely not yet. Your kids are SO cute!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Chaplain Donna said...

How cute!

Lisa said...

That is adorable! Apparently, when I was little hamburgers were "hangaburs" and spaghetti was "psketti". My parents still make fun of me for it!

StarFireBoutique said...

I wrote down my sons funny mispronunciations in his journal I keep. They still make me laugh looking back. Even know that he's a bit older he has trouble with some bigger words. It cracks me up. When he was little one of my favs was bannawa. Everything had a wa on the end for a while. Like Pizzawa. Never forget these great moments with your kiddos!!


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