Who Inspires you?

Okay, I was having computer trouble last night, so I couldn't post this yesterday. So, here it is today:

DAY 4 of the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge:

Thursday, September 16: Write a new post about a woman who inspires you.  (As an example, you can see Mama Kat’s recent Women Who Inspire post here.)

This is actually tough for me, as the women who inspire me always change. Of course my mother is a given, mostly because she never lets life bring her down. And she has 15 times the amount of energy I have!

I am always inspired by women who are confident enough to finish a journey. Whether it be career, weight loss, running a marathon, whatever. It takes a lot of inner strength to do these things, and it always encourages me to push harder in my own life, and my own journey.

Sorry, I wish I could choose one woman to write about, but it's not that easy. There are so many women out there (including blogging friends) who have inspired me along the way.

Hope that answer is sufficient. =]

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"FAITH" said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Hope you'll drop in again. : )

Missy said...

Sometimes it is hard to narrow it down to just one person because there really are so many wonderful, inspiring women out there.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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