My shining moment

Okay, maybe not really my shining moment...

but my shining blog moment.

Day 3 of the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge was this:

Wednesday, September 15: Re-upload a post with a title that you are particularly proud of and explain why.

Now, I didn't choose this post because it was well written, or because it had a profound impact on my (or anyone else's) life. I didn't even choose this post because it had the most comments. I chose this post, Guilty Pleasures, because it was playful, fun, and took me forever to write out! I remember being in a sassy mood, wanting to do something fun & funny, and this just came to me. So, I took my time making it aesthetically pleasing and find the best pictures.

And, it's so me. It totally encompasses my crazy, abnormal personality of weird obsessions. And these are only a few! It's fun, so read along!

Guilty pleasures

Everyone has em...

You know, those silly indulgences that you would never admit to anyone. You'd be mortified if anyone knew how much you loved it - either because you're way too old to love it, too young, or it's completely ridiculous:

I call them guilty pleasures.

Well, welcome to my dirty laundry. I'm airing it out. I've decided that I am secure enough as a woman that I can be at a place to admit these secrets loves of my life.

(Reading the following may force you to think less of me)

Guilty pleasure # 1:
Cheesy movies
Okay, I realize I am not alone on this one. Most woman would admit to liking the sappy romantic comedies/dramas. My favorite genre is action/suspense, but I will totally admit to loving girly movies. But I love the really cheesy ones. I tend to watch them by myself so I don't have to answer to anyone why I would possibly watch it: Like watching The Ice PrincessAnd loving it. And downloading the Ali & AJ song from it. Or 'A Cinderella Story' - Apparently, any Disney teenie-bopper movie, I'm all over it. Shhh....don't tell anyone.

Guilty pleasure # 2:
Zac Efron
Again, with the disney teenie-boppers! I admit it: I have a cougar crush on Zac Efron. It all started with my daughter's obsession with High School Musical. This kid is seriously a force of ridiculous talent. Adorable:CHECK. Actor: CHECK. Sings & Dances: DOUBLE CHECK. My daughter has good taste!

Guilty pleasure # 3:
Salt & Pepper
Hopefully, this will redeem myself from my previous guilty pleasure (or at least, balance it out)...but I love older guys who can rock salt & pepper hair. I totally think it's sexy. Like Pierce Brosnan.
Or George Clooney.

Something about an older man who knows who is, has a sense of maturity (even if we know it's a myth), and can get sexier every year.
And no, I do NOT mean Taylor Hicks, thankyouverymuch.

Guilty pleasure # 4:
Anyone who has read my blog knows I love Slurpees. But my love borders on obsession. I've cut way back recently in honor or reaching my goal of a healthier me, but there is a slurpee shaped hole in my stomach. And it aches. I could drink them non-stop. ALL DAY. It's a disease, really. I should seek help.

Guilty pleasure # 5:
Jordin Sparks, 'Battlefield'
I actually love all things Jordin Sparks. I think she is an incredible singer, a great role model, and has the most unbelievably beautiful skin. But, I've recently become addicted to her song 'Battlefield.' It's constantly stuck in my head. I crank it anytime I hear it on the radio. My kids know most of the words. I love the drive. I love the range. I love Jordin Sparks, and I don't care who knows it!

There you have it: my guilty pleasures. I warned you that you might think less of me...

What are your guilty pleasures?!?!? I'm dying to know!

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Eve said...

LOL! Oh, those are some great guilty pleasures... especially Pierce!
Mine, the ones I can think of off the top of my head, are: Smores - LOVE THEM! And I'm totally with you on the cheesy movies! Oh, and romance novels - I like to sneak them in between more intense reading. And my very public guilty pleasure would definitely be my love for Starbucks... especially at this time of year when they offer the Pumpkin Spice Latte - I just can't seem to get enough of them! ;)

Chaplain Donna said...

I feel guilty for reading this post! I don't think I can look at Zack E. anymore without blushing.

Adryon said...

I had that picture of Efron as my work computer wall paper.

Good looking men are plelasure, nothing guilty about it!


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