Versatile Blogger Award

A new blogger friend, over at One Brownie at a time, gave me this sweet award today! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. It's the I can't come up with anything to write about so I write about everything Versatile Blogger award!

Okay, this is how it works: I tell you a few things about myself and award some new blogs I'm following.
7 new things about me? I don't know if I can come up with that many.

1.  I have anxiety about being late. I HATE it. It's one a few things that can really get my temper going, and my heart rate up. Needless to say, I have kids, so I'm anxious a lot.

2. I have a few nicknames I go by (Vee, Veron) but it makes me so mad when people call me Ronnie, or Virginia, or worse, Victoria. All of these names are associated with people in my childhood I didn't like.

3. I am not an animal lover. I love little baby kittens, puppies, etc. but overall, I just don't really like animals. They make me nervous. If that makes me a horrible person in your eyes, I apologize.

4. My past occupations have included: Sandwich artist, photography framer, waitress, dish washer, babysitter, singer, performer, bartender, preschool teacher, and child center worker.

5. I can do vocal percussion. That right, I can beat box. I learned it when I was in an all-girl's Acappella group, and got pretty decent at it. I likely won't do it for you if you ask me to, but I promise I can.

6. I absolutely DESPISE the scent 'Love Spell' by Victoria Secret. It makes me sick to my stomach, and smells like literal vomit to me. 

7. My favorite evening involves putting the kids to bed, curling up with the hubs with a snack, my cozy blanket, and watching Friends. 

There ya have it. I can't even remember if they are things I've shared on this blog before. And I'm too lazy to cross check it right now.

Now, I will pass on the nominations:

Check these ladies out!


Allyson & Jere said...

Awwwww, THANKS!!

And seriously...we have too much in common!!

I hate animals, no really, NOT A FAN! I'm a singer, performer, my kids are 15 months apart, etc. Crazy town.

Thanks for the award. I think I'll actually follow through on this one and answer the questions. Don't hate me if I use the animal hater thing too.

Beckie & the Grub said...

Wow, Love Spell... It's 1998 and I'm sharing a Newport Light between two stalls in the cafeteria girl's room. We wash our hands and drench ourselves in purple to ward off suspicion.

I don't know if I'm more disappointed in myself for smoking cigarettes or for thinking that crap smelled okay! Ah, the lessons we learn.

Minivan Mommy said...

Awww, thanks so much! I think you're awesome, too!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations on your award! I used to not be an animal lover as well, but then I married a man who loves dogs and it was all down hill from there! I hate being late too. I hope you had a great weekend!

Losing Brownies said...

I hate being late too! My husband is always making us late though! Its really frustrating and I'm always nervous people are doing to get angry when we are late!

Livy said...

I hate being late with a passion too! I actually would rather skip something completely than walk in late.

Also, totally gross story, but one time someone sprayed this perfume and I immediately vomited at the smell. I left the room and I felt better. When I came back in and got another whiff, I started heaving again. I wish I knew what it was called. I've never had that reaction before.

Mama Lisha said...

I too have anxiety about being late and I see that my 12 year old unfortunately is following in his Mama's footsteps!
Thanks for visiting on my FB Day on Monday at SITS!


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