Weight Loss Wednesday

Here I am, back again.

Since my last check in, I've been trying to balance myself. I'm still very busy but I'm trying to just adjust to my routine without losing my sanity. Here's how I've been doing:

1. Eat smaller meals, more often.
This is one of those things that is so much easier with a regular schedule. I'm used to not eating all day, then splurging at night and overeating. I'm proud to say that I'm forcing myself to eat every 3-4 hours. That's right, forcing. It's tough to do, but when I eat throughout the day, I'm for sure less hungry consistently - imagine that! I know my metabolism will thank me later! =]

2. Take my daily vitamins every morning.
CHECK! =] (again, easier with a routine)

3. Talk to my kids more about eating healthy, and making healthy choices.
This has been by far the most rewarding part of my journey. Faith takes a Stretch-N-Grow class every Wednesday, which is a kid's fitness program stressing the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle - money well spent! I've also had to say no to the convenience of McDonald's to tell my kids that it's not a healthy choice to eat all the time, that it's just a special treat for once in awhile. Same with the discussion about snacks vs. treats. Last week, when we did have McDonald's for the first time in awhile, Faith immediately said "Mommy, I'll get apples instead of fries, cause they're healthy for my body!" I was beaming with pride knowing that I'm being a better example to my kids and teaching them how to make healthy choices themselves! =]

4. Get on the Treadmill
Oh man, was I putting this one off! I would rather bike for 30 miles than run for 1 mile. I hate running. It kills my knee and burns my esophagus. Well, I found a sure-fire way to get my butt on the treadmill - I signed up to run a 10k race for Thanksgiving!!! EEK. So Monday, for the first time since probably high school, I ran a mile without stopping to see if my body (aka knee) could handle it. And guess what? I survived. After I'm finished blogging, I'll be heading to the gym to attempt 2 whole miles. Sounds trivial, but I NEVER thought I'd be running again!

I'm very proud of myself for keeping goals this time, and it has paid off. Check out my weigh in:

X - 17LBS!

1. Eat breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up.
2. Run at least 3X a week to prepare for the 10k race.
3. Cook/eat more meals at home.
4. Get to bed at a decent hour when possible.

This journey is much easier with encouragement from friends and family...that's what I was missing the first time around. I'm being open and honest about my goals and achievements and appreciate all the encouragement! XOXO


Lucy Marie said...

Way to go girl! Keep it up.

Emily said...

You should be so proud girl! Being able to stay focused and remember your lifestyle goals when life so super busy, now that's a great accomplishment! Congrats on being down 17lbs, you must be feeling awesome!
Good luck with your run!


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