ZOE Conference: A story in pictures

I am finally getting a hot second to write about my weekend in Nashville for the ZOE conference. It was one of the highlights of my year for sure!

I will let my pictures tell you about most of my weekend. I would like to first point out the irony of the fact that I lost my voice. For the entire weekend. I was really bummed at first to not be able to participate in the incredible singing all weekend, but realized it was totally humbling to stop listening to my own voice and allow God to speak through the music to me. It was so powerful! =] Okay, now for the photos....

First picture of the trip, with my seat buddy/replacement-spouse for the weekend, the beautiful Sarah Robinson.

Our sweet crib for the weekend. Complete with jacuzzi tub and two entertaining rooms.

Met up with my girl, Teresa, who just moved to Nashville a few weeks ago. I miss her already!

Me, Teresa, Vicki, and Kara (who also just moved to Nashville) @ Sunset Grille

You know when you have 'The Bang" that just won't cooperate? Yeah, I do. We all got banged at some point over the weekend! lol

So, we had a Possum that walked into the restaurant off the street! No joke. You better believe we were all standing on chairs and squealing like girls!

Love this pic of us =]

My favorite meal of the whole weekend - The Cheesecake Factory (Best salad EVER)

Got to meet up with the beautiful (and pregnant) Kristan, who I miss terribly!

Probably Chris' favorite meal of the weekend (and my second runner up) = Baja Burrito

Um, yeah....I got a TATTOO!!!!!!
(I'll blog about this later)

Everyone who got a tattoo outside in downtown Nashville baby!

Just taking a few pit stops walking through downtown. How could you not stop for these amazing finds?!?

The GIANT rocking chair @ Cock of the Walk

Our jumping photo. I know it's blurry, but look at the air I got...White girls CAN jump!

Can't wait for next year! =]

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