Regularly viewed program interruption

Usually on Wednesdays, I update with Weight Loss Wednesdays.

Today, I'd like to take a break from our regularly viewed programming to ask for prayers for my brother, Brian.

Without going into too much detail (and there a lot of details), let me give you the background: My brother Brian, who is 25 years old, is battling addiction. His addictions have taken many forms and have been taking over his life for the past few years at least. My brother is one of the smartest, most talented, good-looking guys I know. He could go anywhere he wanted and basically do anything with his life, but serious addictions have disabled him from doing anything noteworthy (other than having a beautiful son 3 years ago).

He'd been doing good til recently. After his final court hearing from something that happened last year as a result of the influence of drugs, he got sucked back into bad routines and bad decisions, including life threatening habits that are affecting his family more than he could ever realize. My parents kicked him out of the house when they found out he was using drugs again, and he went missing. My parents called his probation officer and they sentenced him to 90 days inpatient only rehabilitation.

I have been hopeful. My brother has checked himself into rehabs and AA meetings on numerous occasions, always giving us false hopes of redemption. But he is very sly, smart, and able to get/talk his way out of painful situations allowing him to always come home on 'good behavior', etc. So an in-patient only rehab seemed like an answered prayer. He was dropped off last Wednesday.

Last night, he escaped the rehab center.

You read that right, escaped. As in, left without permission. Just walked out. Apparently, he thought he was above this place that's filled with convicts, rapists, oh, and addicts. Didn't call anyone from our family, though did manage to run into a cousin at the bar while he was surrounded by his 'drug' friends. So of course by this afternoon everyone, including his probation officer, knew about it. There is obviously a warrant out for his arrest.

I realize I am at risk of airing my brother's dirty laundry, but I need it off my chest. I've been praying for this kid constantly and questioning God's reasoning for letting my brother's talent and potential go to waste. There have been so many times when I've literally just waited for a phone call to hear my brother had an overdose or was left on the side of the road for dead (both have happened, btw). I'm sick of hearing excuse after excuse. I realize I cannot fathom the difficulty associated with overcoming that kind of addiction but he has more than enough people willing to help/pray/guide him along the way.

I believe in the power of prayer. And I believe in the strength of numbers. I know I'm not the only person praying for my brother, but I also know there can never be enough people praying.

Please pray for a powerful change in my brother's life. Please pray that he will wake up and realize that damage he is doing not only to himself, but also to his family and his son.

And pray that something will happen before it's too late.


Lucy Marie said...

Girl ... I am praying with you for a powerful change.

Emily said...

Wow, praying for your brother, and you and your family too! That's tough stuff to deal with. It's so hard watching people we love struggle so much.
Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie - I will pray for your brother, and for you too.


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