a shift

I've noticed a shift. It wasn't over night, rather subtle. I first noticed it on the drive to Canada a few weeks ago and it happened when I was at your memorial stone yesterday. I've found myself now talking to God more instead of you. At first, it made me angry and upset cause I felt like you were drifting away from me. But I realize that's a natural progression of things, and that's eventually where I'm supposed to be right? Talking to God? We didn't speak for awhile unless I was screaming at Him or pleading for Him to bring you back. And when you didn't, I just talked to you instead. But I feel you guiding me where I'm supposed to be, speaking to the right audience. And maybe I'll never stop talking to you but I'm starting to allow God to show me bits and pieces of what a future might look like, or at least of me accepting that I still have a future.

I never used to be a pessimist. I don't mean to whine all the time, but it's honestly how I feel and I can't shake it. I want to be positive, I want to plan a future somehow, I want to see good, I want to take a deep breath again someday without heaviness in my heart. 

Help me find peace, love. I don't know how to find it on my own.

I miss you.
I love you always and forever.


Nicole said...

That a girl.

Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

Weeping lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning. It sounds like its starting to dawn. Joy will come . . .

K Blue said...

I experienced a similar shift in my own journey. It happened without me realizing it in a very natural kind of way.
You are an amazing person. I pray that you find peace, and that you will again see good in life. And mostly I pray that one day you take a deep breath and realize that your husband is still in your heart, but the heaviness is gone. {{{hugs}}}

megan said...

so much - *.


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