A day late and a dollar short

I know the title makes you think this is yet another depressing post from me.

Not today. =]

Just wanted to recap my weekend with my perfect Valentine....a day late. And since we're broke, we didn't celebrate (a dollar short). The kids and I did make this sweet card for him:

 Please excuse the photo quality, this was taken from my camera phone.

We had a very low key day. Just like any other Sunday, really. Church, then lunch with friends (our one treat for ourselves and about the only time we go out to eat anymore). Then, cleaned the house in preparation for friends to come over for Rock Band, then some guitar playing and girl talk (those happened separately, btw). 

Also, thank you to everyone for all your prayers this week, not only for myself but for our dear friends as well. I have felt prayer and it's amazing to have this avenue to connect through prayer with amazing women I would never meet otherwise.

My little dude is feeling much better, praise God! And, I think it's finally safe to say......drum roll please.....HE'S OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!!! I don't know which news I'm happier about!

Like Father, like son.

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine weekend!!! XOXO


Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk said...

A big congratulations to the entire family on the potty training achievement! It takes a village, right?

Danielle said...

That pic of your son is priceless! Love it!!
Happy V. day!!

Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's day! And congrats on the little guy being trained. How wonderful.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great picture and LOVE the card!!! Congrats on the little man feeling better and being potty trained!!!

tristan said...

That's awesome! When Tevyn is fully potty trained we will be having a celebration. It will be amazing!!!

mom2three said...

Your Valentines card is great!!! Your day sounded really nice as well, I love low key days!

Hip Hip Hooray on the potty training thing, that is a huge accomplishment...I so hope I get there soon with my 2 year old! Love the pic!

beka said...

I love that. Reading on the throne.... lol!
Cute little boy. :)


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