A series of unfortunate events

One step forward, two steps back.

That's how it goes, right?

Well, yesterday was my two steps back. My day just started out rough. I was awaken by a little dude who was ON FIRE with a temperature of 106!!! After going up and down with fevers for the last few days, I woke up the hubs to tell him he needed to get the little guy to the doctor. I wasn't able to go with him, because I was having my preschool Valentine's day party. After running late for work (of course) and getting the kids together, the hubs had to drop me off at work. Realizing that it had snowed overnight and the hubs should have been up bright and early to plow at the college, he ended up taking both kids next door to plow snow while I was at school.

So, I'm scrambled. I'm worried about my chum. My assistant and I were frantically getting things ready. She had a rough start to her day with a leak in her house. We were both not wanting to be there.

Then, one of my students came in with his grandmother. We welcomed him in and knowing that his mom was due any second with her third child, we assumed she must have been in labor since she was not bringing her son to school. After asking him 'Hey buddy, did you mom have the baby yet?' we were met with cautious eyes by the grandmother, who put her hand up to stop us. She leaned forward to tell us,

"The baby died. She delivered yesterday morning."

How gut wrenching. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had just seen her, in her pregnancy glory a few days prior, everything was fine. Emailed back and forth about the baby that week, sending her well wishes. Apparently, she noticed mid afternoon that the baby wasn't making any movement. The chord has wrapped around her neck and had knotted. They went to the hospital only to discover that baby had died, then had to deliver it naturally. She has two boys, and this was her third and final child...a girl.

She has been flashing through my mind constantly since. I can't even begin to imagine what she must be going through. This morning, I sent the grandfather with a lasagna and a card....but it felt so pitiful and insignificant. What can you do for someone who has just lost a child?

Needless to say, it was tough to get through the day. Then we had to take the dude to urgent care after school, only to get antibiotics (he's still been very sick today).

Pray for this family, that God will provide healing and peace that passes understanding for this horrific situation.


Robyn{Lee} said...

I will prayer for this family... Oh how very tragic!! My jaw dropped when I read that her baby died... :(((( How absolutely sad.

Hope things start to look up! *Hugs*

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

WOW, I pray for complete healing with your little prince and I pray for peace on that family. Bless you! Update soon on your little guy, I want to know how he is!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Wow! What a day...that has to be the most awful thing, to know your baby is gone but still have to deliver. I'll keep that family and your little man in my prayers. Enjoy your weekend!

Nicole said...

So difficult! A little over a year ago I spent an evening in the delivery room with my friend who was delivering her baby girl who had died at 24 weeks. It's unimaginable. I will be praying for their peace, and praying that your little guy shakes his fever soon!

Kristin said...

That, for me, would take grief to a level beyond belief. My heart goes out to the family and they are in my prayers.
I hope that your little guy is on the mend, we're on antibiotics too and finally doing better!

mom2three said...

My good friend lost her baby the same way, her 3rd child as well. I have a tough time because I don't always know what to say, but just knowing that you are thinking of her and her family is enough.

What a day, I pray that your weekend is happy and joyful and that your son gets better fast ♥

Amanda said...

Prayers for you, your little one, and that poor family!

Lucy Marie said...

Praying for the health of your little man and for this family who's experiencing such a deep and tragic loss. I can't even imagine.

Emily said...

How unimaginable (mercifully it is something I cannot imagine). I will pray for the family and their healing.

I definitely do know about kids with fever's though - I really though your little dude gets feeling better really soon. Antibiotics are a good thing! Take care!

Lourie said...

A friend of mine had her baby die of SIDS just 2 months after he was born. I held him days before his death. He smiled, cooed, all signs pointed to a healthy baby. My heart goes out this mother. YOur act of service was the perfect thing to do. Find out if she has other people to bring in meals. Call/email to check on her. Whatever moves you, do it. It's a sad sad thing.

I hope your little dude is feeling better. 106! That would have scared me so bad! As I am sure you were.

Danielle said...

Oh Vee, this is terrible. Gave me the chills as I cannot even comprehend how this woman would begin to cope.
Hope your little guy is on the mend. Seems like you've had your share of strife lately. I'd say you've had enough. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

tristan said...

Oh my goodness! I was completely floored when I read that the poor baby died. That is absolutely awful. I will most certainly be praying for this family.

I hope your mini gets to feeling better. It's never fun to have sick children. :( Hang in there.

Jessica said...

That is so sad! I will definately be praying for them.

I hope things settle down for your family.

Zeemaid said...

my cousin went through the same thing and it's completely heartwrenching. That family will definitely be in our prayers!


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