I think Faith was really missing you today. I took the kids out today to get stuff for the house (which I have been putting off cause it's tough to do all that running around with 3 kids) and Faith told me she had a dream about you. She said she dreamed you were working on her play structure and you stayed up all night to finish it. I told her that if you were here, you would have.

Then, she kept telling me she thinks about you when she puts her seatbelt on. I thought it was strange at first, but it all came together. She's been very proud of the fact that she can do it herself now so she does (which saves me some time packing em all up). I kept telling her that she was such a good helper to me and I was thankful of everything she does to help. She said 'I know, when I help you it makes me think of Daddy.' And you were always good at reminding her that it was her job to help me. And she does, baby. She's just the greatest little girl. And I think it makes her proud to know that she's making you proud. I know you are.

Tonight, I let her have her magnadoodle in bed. When I came out of the shower she was yelling that she wanted to show me something. She drew a picture of you with D-A-D-D-Y on top. She draws you all the time but I could feel how much she missed you today. 

I'm glad you meet her in her dreams, babe. I hope you'll continue to do so.
I miss seeing you in my dreams.
I love you more than life.

Here she is painting the wooden picture frame you picked out for her at Christmas


Renia Flaishans said...

Praying for you always!

Meeghan said...

What a preciuos little girl! Continue to pray for you and your family.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

That is so sweet! I love that helping you makes her think of Jeremy. Hugs and prayers always my friend.

Desi said...

Praying for your baby, Faith. What a strong little girl. I'm so glad she gets to meet her Daddy in her dreams too. Praying for you always!

Alicia said...

I know we are strangers but I want you to know that I have been praying for you, ever since I heard your story from Pennies on a Platter. Tonight as I was going to give my baby girl a bath the Lord put you on my heart, specifically that Jeremy would meet you in your dreams. I remember you asking for prayer for that awhile ago and it really struck me tonight. I just wanted you to know specifically that I am praying for you tonight, right now.


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