This week, every time I log into Facebook, I see an alert on the side that says 'Your anniversary with Jeremy King is Tuesday.' Thanks, like I needed the reminder. Things have been going along alright for the most part, no big days to be anxious about lately. But it's been weighing on me and I'm hoping to just get through all these first without dwelling on them because it's too painful. Hopefully Tuesday will go by quickly.

I felt like you were inside my head today. A few conversations I had I could literally hear your voice and response in my head. I would have never admitted it to your face, but it's amazing how much influence you have on my thoughts. Enough that I think you'd gloat about it.

You would have been proud of me today, I spent the morning - no wait, most of the day - putting together the desk I bought for the kitchen. But it's perfect and I love it. I keep pretending that you're just away on a trip and I'm scrambling to get things done to surprise you when you come home. I want you to see how hard I've worked and notice the little details (after I point them out to you, of course). You were always so genuine in your praise to me, I think I may not have appreciated it's value completely until now. I miss that. I miss you.

I love you always and forever.


Jackie said...

"You were always so genuine in your praise to me, I think I may not have appreciated it's value completely until now."

That is so like my husband....hugging him a little harder tonight. :(

As always, praying for you...

And I LOVE the desk and artwork. ;)

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

I'll be thining about you tuesday.

Kendra said...

thank you for conintuing to blog,i pray for you & your family..it breaks my heart that your having to deal with this..but i am SO thankful that those babies have you..like you said,it'd be so easy to give up...but your not,for them,for your self and you know jeremy wouldn't want you to give up..prayers for ya'll always..much love.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new desk!! Where did you get it?

Great job putting it together... I would have given up after 5 minutes... so kudos to you for being determined!

We have never ever met.
And you are on my mind multiple times each day. You are a fabulous mom.... your children are so lucky to have you.

Hang in there as your anniversary approaches... A painful day to face without the love of your life.

Stay strong.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

You did a great job on the desk Vee! Hugs and prayers.

Desi said...

You did such a good job on the desk. It is beautiful. Proud of you :)


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