The house is finally starting to come together, babe. I was trying to get everything ready for Kirk and April's visit this weekend so I got to take some pictures of a few rooms that are mostly complete. 

I'm heartbroken that you can't see it but I'm so much more devastated that you aren't here to visit with your family. I know you would have been so pumped to have them over.

This afternoon while I was putting things away, I organized all the shoes in the coat closet. I came across the shoes I wore on November 9th. I remembered because they were gold ballet flats I bought at Target or something, and I was freaking out on the phone trying to find something, anything, to put on my feet and get out the door and that's all I could find. Then I remembered the toes were worn out and my feet were freezing - at some point that night, the girls loaded me in the van and were taking turns rubbing my purple feet and covering me with blankets.

I don't know if I've worn those shoes since. Either way, it felt so strange to see them today, so foreign. Like the shoes represented a different life. And even though I think about you constantly every single day, I felt so disconnected from the shoes and that day, still unable to process it as a reality of my life. The horror of it all flooded back to me, though. The panic that set in while I was frantically looking for shoes felt fresh. So entangled and so separated.  I've come to realize so many things about death is ironic.

I knew I needed to get rid of those sorry excuses for shoes, but they were hard to let go of. Everything that makes me think of you is hard to let go of.

I miss you terribly, baby. I wish you could hold me tonight.
I love you with all that I am.


Courtney said...

Your house looks great!!!

The Better Baker said...

Thanks for another heartfelt post! And yes, your house looks terrific!!!!

megan said...

isn't that crazy - I have matt in my mind and heart every moment of every day, but I feel so distanced from that day. I take out the shorts I was wearing, the shoes, and think "I was wearing these that day in the river." I still can't wear the shirt I had on. But it does feel so far away. How is that possible when our thoughts are on it every moment.

Desi said...

Your house is gorgeous, Vee. And I can only imagine that those shoes are hard to let go of. Keep them for as long as you need. Thinking of you always.


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