so in love

Today, I was thinking about our date to go see the Righteous Brothers in concert. I was surprised at how many details I remembered, since it was before we were even married. I remember what I wore, I remember the guy who gave us tickets in the 5th row, I remember holding your hand, I remember the ride home....I remember your smile. I miss that smile.

I remembered that feeling of being so in love. Today I really miss that feeling. Just of knowing someone is there, thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread...I miss that. My heart is still full of love for you, more today than even yesterday, but it's different when you're not here to reciprocate those feelings.

I'm trying to get a grip, get my life back. I know this roller coaster ride still has many twists and turns left, but I feel you nudging me and supporting me. Keep guiding me. I just need to do SOMETHING.

I'm missing you a lot this week, baby. It hurts deep in my soul.
I love you always and forever.


folkisdead said...

I shed a couple tears today... I was about to say for Jer, but they're clearly for me. So I went to his facebook page to be reminded... which linked me to your blog... thanks! Thanks for loving my friend, and thanks for writing about that love.
Peace and Love to you and the kids!

folkisdead said...

this is Jared by the way... my google ID was for my youtube music page... thus it's irrelevance to my name


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