Today, we spent the day celebrating Vicki. We were going to take her out for her birthday last month, but everything got postponed because of Brian's funeral. So we celebrated today with shopping, mani/pedis, a movie, surprise friends, and A LOT of food. But she deserved so much more for the incredible friend she has been and continues to be. Her loyalty is honorable, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

We took her to Gauchos for lunch - YES, I finally got to try it! You wanted to take me so bad and we never got around to it. I was excited and incredibly bummed at the same time. I even tried the fried bananas for you. I didn't like em, but at least I tried em. I know exactly why you loved that place. I wanted to pick up the phone and text you a million times about it, I could feel your excitement.

I actually had a really great time today. I am so thankful for my friendships that have bonded together, even if some of them did get stronger after you died. I wouldn't trade these women for anything. And it helps to know, they all miss you too.

I miss you babe. At the end of the day, even a really great one, I still just ache for you.
I love you with all that I am.

-from "Blessing for Mothers" - the last gift I received from my brother before he died
DAY 19: Hope
Hope transcends our current circumstances, elevating us above sibling rivalry, marital issue, financial strain, dirty dishes, and sleep deprivation by declaring, "This ain't all there is!" and "Something better is coming!" Jesus Christ, in whom the Christian's hope resides, certainly transcended His circumstances and gave us hope when He defeated death. Something better was definitely  coming!


Jackie said...


I don't comment that often, mostly because I can never find the right words. I know nothing I can say will remove the ache from your heart.

Please know that I read each and every post and think about you often.

Hang in there and always remember that God is faithful and He will make something beautiful out of this whole tragedy that you and your sweet babies have had to endure.

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

I love reading about the days that are good and fun. Gald you have a blast with Vicky!

The Better Baker said...

As the saying goes...Friends are angels who help lift us to our feet when we forget how to fly. I'm thrilled to know you enjoyed a great day with a special friend.

Desi said...

I'm glad you have these friends to build you up and make you happy. I so want that for you. So good to see you smiling!


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