I miss you the most in the every day simple things:

Going to church with you. 
Taking Sunday naps with you, those were always the best.
Holding your hand.
Seeing you smile at me from across the room.
Watching you play with the kids.

I love remembering you as you really were:  a stubborn, crude-humored Canadian with a temper. Always spoke his mind, always truthful but always thoughtful. I miss fighting with you about where to eat. I miss arguing with you about cleaning around the house. I miss slapping you for trying to get out of cleaning by attempting to seduce me. I miss seeing you asleep on the couch with the TV on. I miss telling you to change when you looked ridiculous. I miss your crude sounds and noises around the house (never thought I'd admit that). I just miss you, not just the idea of you. I miss the things that made you Jeremy. 

I miss all those things I told you I never would. 
I miss you.
I love you always and forever.

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Emily said...

You talking about the crude noises Jer made reminded me of the times when he would challenge...well himself I guess...to see how many body parts he could make farting noises with. I remember he could do it with his eye ball (seriously!), his arm pits (obviously!), behind his knees, arches of his feet, neck, in his man-cleavage, and of course the normal place... :-) I know I'm missing some because I'm pretty sure he got up to double digits! Shoot...I miss him! Love you girl!


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