I love you the most-est

The "I love you" games have really come a long way since you left.

I smile every time I think about you and the kids arguing back and forth saying "I love you the most," "No I love you the mostest!" and "I love you the mostest-est-est-est!" and so on until someone gave up. Sweetest thing ever.

On the way to pick up Faith from camp today (she did a great job btw and had a blast), Caleb started on his usual "Mommy I love you" games.

"I love you the most buddy"
"I love you more than everything. More than the grass and the houses in the world."
"Oh yeah? Well I love you all the way to the clouds"
"No I love you more than a giant that's 100 tall."
"Wow, I love you to the planets"
"No, I love you more than all the stuff in the whole wide huge giant big world"
"Well I love you all the way to Heaven."
"Oh yeah, I love you all the way to Daddy."

He won.

We miss you baby. Thank you for giving me sweet kids who love me more than I deserve.
I love you always and forever.

-from "Blessing for Mothers" - the last gift I received from my brother before he died
DAY 15: Do the Impossible
"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." -ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

Today, maybe that "thing" was just to coerce your sleep-deprived body from your warm bed and plunk your exhausted feet on the floor.  Celebrate your accomplishment and, in God's strength, face your other impossibilities with faith and confidence.


kendra said...

thats so precious vee,thanks for sharing!! *hugs*

John and Anne said...

That truly is the sweetest thing ever! You do have sweet loving children :)

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

that is so sweet.

Shannon said...

What wonderful memories your children are giving you. This is probably one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

Cari said...

Treasure these moments! They go oh so fast. Mine are 18, 20, and 23. Still precious, yet I remember the "mostest" days. Thanks for the sweet reminder. take care dear one

Desi said...


So utterly precious.


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